Reinventing My Blog

General - 15 November 2017

Hello, my name is Brandon Gomez. You may know me on the internet as Señor Contento (or just SenorContento). I used to have a blog at, but I no longer host it. When I first created the blog I did not know what I wanted the blog to be about, so I made it a general purpose blog. Well, life happened and I ended up needing a way to vent my frustrations and I needed a healthy, not self destructive way to vent those darned frustrations. I converted this blog into a platform where I talk about my life, me, myself, and I. I no longer keep the blog online as I now have friends that I can share my problems with.

Now, the reason I am creating a new blog is so I can share my projects with other people. It mostly will be projects that I am leaning toward if not already planning on monetizing. Such projects will include Rover and my medling around as a sound artist (as in on Spotify, through a record label). Now, as for the blog itself, I am still using the same theme and well, really the same exact site, just with the old posts deleted. I may continue working on the new theme from before I shut down the blog a long time ago, but that is yet to be determined. For those interested, I am using a heavily modified version of the Hacker Theme provided by Github.


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