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General - 21 November 2017

Decisions, Decisions

So, for the last post, Music Artistry, I mentioned that services such as Google, Amazon, and other stores merge the three or more track files down to two tracks. Earlier today, I was messing around with Patreon to see if I could keep the tracks I wanted to while hosting with Patreon. I found out that Patreon does not accept flac files when uploaded as an audio file type, so I went into Audacity and converted the file over to mp3. Turns out, the format itself (at least according to Audacity) does not support more than 2 tracks. I jumped the gun on that one not realizing the format just simply did not support more than two tracks.

Now, what that means is, I will have to release all my audio in flac format, or at least a format that supports more than 2 tracks. Now, I am using flac because I have no license royalties to worry about when using this format (and because of the issue with the tracks).

As for how I decided to release any tracks I make, I will using Patreon to sell my tracks. How this works is that I release the tracks as a post and Patreon will charge for every post that I charge for. That content is then available to anyone who wants to download it, providing that they are a Patreon. I can then do something such as release a 30 second version for anyone who wants to listen to that and decide if they would like it. The 30 seconds is not exactly like a low-res image to the full quality, but it should do for now.

As for those who want to listen to the full song, but don’t exactly want to pay for it (whether just in the moment or at all), I am going to continue to use Distrokid to publish to Spotify and other streaming services and I will also publish the song on SoundCloud.

Now, I still need to figure out where I can sell the songs without having it converted to mp3 or otherwise changed in a way I don’t like so people don’t have to worry about paying for music they wouldn’t listen to. If you just liked one song by me, but hated all the rest, would you really want to pay for all of them just to get that one song? I would not, so, I am still on the search for a store that won’t change my music.

If you want to check out what I do have, the links are below:


This list is more for me than anyone else, but since I am sharing my sounds with you, I might as well tell you where you can get them. The reason why I have different lists for sound files versus music is because I do not want to sell the sound files. I may later on down the road change my mind, but since I am producing these for others enjoyment and not to collect royalties, I am going to currently allow them to be free. I may include them in something else that I charge for, such as music or a game, but these are free. As for the music, I would want to sell that, so I will allow them to be in stores. Other than Soundcloud and below, Distrokid will submit the files to these services in the table below, so I am listing them all even if I don’t use that store or service at all. As for why I don’t allow the sound files to be in a service that can both stream and sell the music, it is because I cannot separate the two and only choose the stream portion and I don’t need to deal with refunds for a person not knowing what they are purchasing. Of course, the list below is just a suggestion (mainly meant for me), but this should help you find the stores and services too.

Service Type Sound Music
Spotify Stream Yes Yes
iTunes Store No Maybe (multi-track issue)
Apple Music Stream Yes Yes
Google Play Stream/Store No Maybe (multi-track issue)
Amazon Stream/Store No Maybe (multi-track issue)
Pandora Stream Yes Yes
Deezer Stream Yes Yes
Tidal Stream Yes Yes
YouTube Stream Sortof (Will do it myself and not through Distrokid) Same
Microsoft Groove Stream (Merging to Spotify) No (Service Shutting Down) Same
ClaroMusica Stream Yes Yes
Saavn Stream (Appears to be specifically for Indian music) No (Probably not good for Dubstep, Electronic, or just sounds in general) Same
MediaNet Stream/Store No Maybe (multi-track issue)
Shazam Identify Depends on the file Yes
Soundcloud Stream/Download Yes Stream Only
Patreon Stream/Download Yes, Free Yes, Paid (Does not have multi-track issue if uploaded in flac format)

I have actually taken screenshots of the terms of services for the different services I currently use and will post them here so if someone argues that I gave up copyright, I can say, nope! Here is listed the TOS for SoundCloud, Patreon, Github, and Distrokid!

As for Github, I also wanted to mention that my posting these blog posts here is still considered a personal project and not commercial because I use this blog to talk about my projects and what I enjoy doing in my life. Any actual selling or commercial work is only referenced and linked to by this blog, and I do not have anything such as a payment form on these pages (for any commercial use, donations, maybe, but donations are still allowed). The only commercial I create listed here are links to outside services and not on this site itself. The part of the terms that talks about this is here.


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