Resume and Work Schedule

This page lists my current work schedule and my resume!

Current Work Schedule

This resume below is a combination of several resumes I have used in the past. I have removed most identifying information such as my address and replaced it with psuedo-html tags. The h1 and h3 tags are there to remind me where I need to bold the text if I decide to use this copy of the resume instead of the copy on Google Drive. Some sections such as Skills are modified depending on where I am applying. For example, I only used “Creative Thinking”, “Task Organization”, and “Can Identify Problems and Solve Them” when I applied for Twisted Taco at my university.


<h1>Brandon Gomez</h1>
Cell: </Cell>
Google Voice: </G-Voice>


I am seeking a position as a </Position> in </Job-Title>.

Britt Elementary, Snellville, Georgia
Bay Creek Middle, Grayson, Georgia
Grayson High School, Loganville, Georgia
University of North Georgia - Currently Attending

<h3>Conferences and Workshops</h3>
TSA at Grayson High School
Field trips at TSA
Tech Playdate, Instructor to Gwinnett County Teachers

Introductory C++
Programming Arduino
Some x86 bit Assembly
General scripting such as batch and linux shell
Creative Thinking
Task Organization
Can Identify Problems and Solve Them

<h3>Work Experience</h3>
HighPoints Learning
Duluth, Georgia
September 2015-August 2016
Gifted Intern
* Understand the questions from a student’s perspective.
* Identify the degree of difficulty for each of the questions.
* Record how long a student is engaged in a particular assignment.
* Find ways to engage students for extended periods of time.
* Figure out how to convince students to start using online program to learn math.

Twisted Taco
Dahlonega, Georgia
January 2017-Present
Food Service Worker
* Handle and Prepare the Food
* Take Customer's Orders
* Clean the Restaurant

Grayson High School TSA Vex Team
Loganville, Georgia
August 2012-May 2015
Robot Programmer
* Made and programmed Vex robots for TSA competition.
* Served as the Treasurer in my local chapter during the years 2014-2015.
* Served as the Reporter in my local chapter during the years 2015-2016.

Treasurer of TSA 2014-2015
Reporter of TSA 2015
Beta Club 2013-2016
FBLA 2013-2016
Eagle Scout 2015

<h3>Awards and Honors</h3>
Science Fairs 2006-2014
Eagle Scout
* National Technical Honor Society
* Eagle Scout
* Engineering Cord
* Beta Club
* Peer Leader
* Freshman Mentoring